Unreal Palace

2014-05-26 * UNOFFICIAL TeamSpeak3

Come Join your fellow fraggers in real-time voice chat using TeamSpeak now!
Introducing Dawn's *UNOFFICIAL* TeamSpeak3 server. Just head on over to


and pickup a free copy of TeamSpeak3 to install, then join the server at


and remember, this is a *Family* oriented server so Keep It Clean!

TeamSpeak3 server Hosted by: Long-time Dawn's Deathmatch Palace frequenter, and all-time outstanding Player, "mage"!

2012-03-13 NEW MAP : DM-Dawns-PortDeck16 !

You've been stuck on the Starboard side all these years and didn't even know it!

Now get on over to the Port side and discover Dawns Port Deck16!!! :)

2009-02-13 NEW MAP : DM-DawnsFermiBELL_TimeLabs !

An unfortunate date for all of you who play at Dawn's Deathmatch Palace! DM-DawnsFermiBELL_TimeLabs premiers today and no event could be more unlucky than when you stumble into the Super Top Secret, government run, FermiBELL TimeLabs located near the campus of Stanford University in N. California. To make matters worse, an experiment is running just as a large tremor from the San Andreas fault directly beneath the facilty shakes up the equipment calibration. Good Luck! Do you remember where you left your keys?

2008-07-18 NEW Map : DM-L'OkiAsylum ! from Loki !!!

L'OkiAsylum Loki has submitted a new map, DM-L'OkiAsylum and it's sure to bring both tears and comments to the Palace! :) Look for it right after DM-DawnsSniperHeavenAPlus. And that reminds me: Dawns Map Rotation page has been updated with the latest map rotation info, so check it out.

2007-12-17 NEW MAP : DM-Dawns3Way !

My latest creation, DM-Dawns3Way, is up and running on Dawn's Deathmatch Palace!